Multi-room streaming from the lampshade: Sengled announces availability of audio LED Pulse Flex

Vodafone includes Pulse Flex into the range of selected shops as part of its Smart Home Strategy

Düsseldorf, 4 May 2016. Sengled, a leading manufacturer of innovative smart lighting solutions for the smart home, announces the availability of multi-room streaming and lighting system Pulse Flex. The new LED light bulbs have integrated JBL® speakers and not only ensure individual lighting but also great sound. Thanks to the WiFi interface, the Sengled Pulse Flex connects with the home network and plays music from the users' personal libraries as well as from streaming services or internet radio stations. By means of a smartphone app (iOS™, Android™), lighting and music settings can be operated and zones for playback can be defined. In addition to the Pulse Flex, Sengled also places the lampshades Horn and Onion on the market. They complement the LED light bulb and turn it into a true designer piece for modern homes.

Sengled FlexThe Sengled Pulse Flex is the first multi-room audio system in the form of an LED light bulb. It combines energy-efficient lighting technology with powerful speakers from HiFi manufacturer JBL. Once screwed into the base (E27), up to six light bulbs per room or playback zone can be connected. Subsequently, the settings for light intensity as well as audio playback can be individually configured for each room or zone.

The Sengled Pulse Flex connects wirelessly via WiFi with the home network. Thanks to its network abilities, the Sengled Pulse Flex also plays music from streaming services like Spotify or Deezer, will shortly access internet radios and works seamlessly with media servers as well as many home entertainment products.


Sengled Flex SetEasy operation thanks to WiFi connection and app

The entire world of music through the lighting system - this is made possible through Sengled's updated Pulse app. Available for free for iOs and Android devices, the configuration of lighting and audio settings takes place conveniently through the tablet or smartphone. Here, also zones or rooms can be set up for which individual settings regarding light intensity and music playback can be determined.

Sengled Onion Anyone who wants to create visual accents in addition to smart lighting can now obtain the complete lamp system by Sengled with the new lampshades Horn and Onion. Horn takes up the innovative design of the LED light bulb Sengled Pulse Flex and intensifies it. Moreover, Sengled goes for a minimal design and uses high-quality brushed aluminium in the colours champagne, white or silver. Anyone who, in contrast, likes timeless elegance and wants to direct the eye to the smart audio LED, is best advised to go for the model Onion which can be used with the well-known Sengled Pulse (Bluetooth/JBL/LED).


Price and availability

The Sengled Pulse Flex as well as the lampshade Horn will be available now in stores. The recommended retail price for the LED is 129.90 EUR. The matching aluminium lampshade Horn is available at an RRP of 49.90 EUR. The complete system comprising Sengled Pulse Flex and Horn is offered at an RRP of 159.90 EUR. The transparent lampshade Onion which matches both the Sengled Pulse Flex and the well-known Sengled Pulse will also be available now at an RRP of 49.90 EUR.


About Sengled

Sengled is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions based in Shanghai. The company has branches in several European countries and the USA, owning approximately 200 worldwide patents. Sengled specialises in the manufacture of LED products for business and private customers worldwide and offers high-quality as well as energy-efficient alternatives for conventional light bulbs. Sengled's LED solutions are the lighting solutions for the 21st century: they facilitate a new perception of lighting and guide the way into an energy-saving and cost-efficient world of luminosity. The company works according to the maxim of developing innovative products that have no unnecessary environmental impact during the manufacturing process. At the same time, its products feature long product life cycles, first-class light output and high efficiency.